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We put brands in games

Gaming is the biggest entertainment
industry on the planet,
period. Bigger than music, movies and TV combined.

Gaming stars and esport teams have been working with household brands for years. But so far, the games themselves have not been widely used for brand communication.

We intend to change that, through what we call In-game Experiential Marketing.
Or IXM för short.

The time is right. The next big social shift is already happening. The Metaverse, the shared space of virtual worlds, augmented reality and the internet, is an ever-bigger part of our everyday lives.

Gaming platforms are becoming places for social interaction, retail, education and creativity, as well as all types of entertainment and marketing. This means that your brand needs to offer exciting experiences on these platforms to stay relevant. In fact, it will be as crucial as having a strong social media presence.
That’s where Karta comes in.

What we do
At Karta, we create branded custom experiences and events within virtual worlds like Fortnite, Roblox, The Sanbox and others.
These can be used for product launches, brand experiences, influencer activations, content production and more.

It's a proven concept. Lavazza, AMD and the Biden/Harris  campaign and others have already created custom Fortnite maps played by millions. Gucci had over 10 million people visit their experience in Roblox.
Karta can help you develop an effective strategy and provide access to the best in-game content creators in a structured, target-focused process.

This will not only give your audience memorable experiences that bring your brand and message to life, we will also make sure you get tangible results