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The what, the why and the how. 

What is IXM?
X marks the spot. The keyword of the acronym is experiential.

The theory behind In-game Experiential Marketing is quite simple.
Messages we read, hear and watch can certainly have a strong emotional impact. But in the end, what really affects us at a deeper level and stays with us for a long time are experiences. Events we’ve attended, environments we’ve spent time in, interactions with other people, all are emotional experiences with a lasting impact. 

As we see it, it’s the simple reason for gaming’s explosive rise to prominence in recent years. Gaming offers powerful interactive and social experiences. Events and stories that the players don’t just passively consume, but take part in and, in essence, create.

Through IXM, your brand can offer unforgettable experiences, telling your story and engaging with your audience on a deeper level in the process.

Why Karta?
Two good reasons:

1. We have a vast and ever-expanding network of creators working within the most popular games. That means we will always find the best creators for the job.

2. With years of collective experience of events and campaigns targeting gamers, we know what makes them tick. Our strategies put your brand firmly at the heart of this world, resulting in campaigns combining long-term brand positioning with sales.
In short: A strong, relevant in-game presence requires a combination of the best creators and the strongest strategists. With Karta, you get both.

Working with Karta
To ensure an efficient workflow, we follow a structured seven-step process.

1. Initial Brief/Workshop
You introduce us to your brand, products and target audiences, and specify your needs and goals. You'll get to know Karta and the metaverse, the games and the gamers. We also provide you with an overview of the available options in terms of in-game activities.
The basic principles and general outline of the project are agreed upon.

2. Strategy development
We combine in-depth analysis of your brand, goals and requirements with an analysis of your target audience and their preferred games. Based on this, we develop a strategy for your campaign, as well as a shortlist of suitable map creators.

3. The Proposal
We introduce you to our findings and proposal, including prioritized games, environment and activations within the games, as well as a strategic proposal for a launch campaign, including PR, marketing and content production. We will also introduce you to your Karta team.

4. Breaking Ground
When the proposal is approved, we provide your in-game creator with a brief and mood board, as approved by you. Our creators start building and you’ll see your brand come to life inside the game for the first time.

5. Feedback
Throughout the process, you can provide feedback on how your branded map is developing. You will be kept up to speed through regular meetings and other communication. You will of course also be involved in final playtesting.

6. Launch
When the map/game is finished, we are ready to release it to the public.
The launch campaign begins, including press releases, a social media campaign and influencer content designed to drive traffic to the map.

7. Wrapping up
After the campaign concludes, we'll conduct a debrief meeting, presenting relevant data for the campaign, e g player numbers, average playtime, conversions, social media reach and content views.

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